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Are you tired of contemplating your navel?

Have you tried to meditate with no results?

Do you struggle with guided meditation?

Are you tense?

Do you have anxiety?

Do you feel disconnected from the world?

Are you looking for simple ways to meditate?

Are you looking for effective ways to meditate?


Now, with this exciting package with everything you need learn how to meditate (book, workbook, 3 CDs and 6 quartz crystals), you can be meditating in mere minutes.  The mystery and mystique of meditation has been stripped away.  You will soon be saying, “I CAN MEDITATE”. 


Do you want to meditate
 but don’t know how?




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JBTeaberry Meditation Book


From:  JB Teaberry, Florida-USA

Occupation:  Nutritional/Supplement Sales

Date:  <keep date current>


Dear Seeker,


If you are like me, you probably have some stress in your life.  People told me for years that meditation could help relieve some of the pressure I was feeling.  But, when I tried to meditate, the instructions to “clear my mind” just didn’t work.  In fact, I found myself getting more agitated and irritated because I could not get my thoughts to stop.  That was anything but peaceful.  I didn’t think I would ever learn to meditate.


Then, I was introduced to this amazing set.  It has 20 meditation techniques.  With each one, I knew immediately that something had happened.  The workbook pages made me realize that I experienced something during the exercise and I felt different when the exercise was over.  What a difference from my previous attempts when I felt like such a failure. 


This DY-NO-MITE set comes with the book and workbook plus 3 CDs to use until you can do the exercises without help, plus six beautiful clear quartz crystals to use in one of the exercises.  Everything you need to be successful from your first attempt.


Other books I tried required too much effort on my part.  I had to remember too many instructions and got lost in my attempts.  Even though some  CDs I tried got me to a relaxed state,  I could not get back to that feeling on my own.  That made me want to SCREAM!  Would I ever learn to meditate without help?


Then, I discovered Meditation for the Western World: De-Mystifying Meditation and immediately I knew that I had my hands on something different.  Right away, I recognized that I quickly moved into a different state from my norm.  Now, I can reach that different state all on my own.  I do not need to constantly go back and refer to the book or use the CDs.  The techniques were easy.  Best of all, THEY WORKED!  I now know how to meditate. 


Meditation Book Meditation Myths


Let go of those false myths.  This set propels you through those old roadblocks to meditation.




What does the set contain?


                      1 Meditation Book

                      1 Meditation Workbook

                      3 Audio CDs taking you through 20 meditation techniques

                      6 Single Terminated Clear Quartz Crystals


             Thousands of students have learned these twenty meditation techniques directly
             from the author over four decades of teaching.  The techniques are proven and
             effective.  They are finally, made available to the general public.  It is no longer
             necessary to attend a class or seminar.



There is virtually nothing like this package on the market.  In all the research I have done, I have found nothing else that contains a book, workbook, 3 CDs and 6 crystals. The closest thing I could find was a book with 2 CDs.  Most of the books expect you to adopt the Eastern methodology of meditation.  Those of us in the Western World operate a little differently.  We want to be able to have immediate results.  That is what this set shows us how to do.


How much would you expect to pay for such a unique package?  Books range in price from $13-$29, workbooks range from $15-$30, CD’s range from $10-$20 each (remember there are three in this set), and single terminated quartz crystals of this quality range from $2.25-$10 each (remember there are six in this set).  The author taught these techniques in four three hour classes for $45 per class.  So, it’s safe to say, that you could expect to pay anywhere from $81.50-$180 for this package.  This package is being offered at the amazingly low price of $49.95—just a tad more than the price of one class! 



Act now so you can start meditating in mere days.  The set  will ship within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  You can be enjoying these benefits of meditation in no time, whether you are a novice or seasoned meditator: 

        ·   Immediate results

        ·  Personal Focus

        ·  Feeling more Calm and Relaxed

        ·  Tension unwinding

        ·   Confidence in your Ability to Meditate

        ·   Step One toward Self-Mastery

        ·  Self-empowerment

        ·  Receive inspiration

        ·  Access greater potential

        ·  Overall heightened Awareness

               ?  Awareness of body and physical health

               ?  Awareness of environment

               ?  Awareness of energies

        ·  Consciously modify brain wave frequency

        ·   Control access to altered states

        ·  Conscious connection to your Higher Self and Inner Wisdom

Recent Feedback:


PM, mother of four, in Virginia, USA writes: 


                          “I find myself more productive, peaceful and calm
                                       after going through these meditations.”


SS, bank executive, in Georgia, USA writes:


                          “A wonderful tool.  I have used the exercises in the corporate
world with my team and it has proven to reduce stress in the
work place, increase teamwork and improve productivity. 
I highly recommend it for personal and professional use.” 


JG, editor, New York-USA

“The meditations seem so simple.  Then all of a sudden, you
realize you are having a profound experience.”



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I know that if I could learn to meditate, anyone can.  Act now, the free shipping and handling offer will not last forever.  If you are looking for a tool that will have you meditating before you know it, then this is the tool you have been looking for.  Let me send you a set today.


The Calmer Guy,

JB Teaberry

Meditation Took Kit



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